When they say No, We say YES!!
No one does tough loans better than AMC!
We started our business in 1985 working with people who had fallen into credit problems. Time after time we have done loans that other "hard money" lenders have turned down.

We'll give you the best rate we can!
Sometimes we find people paying high rates that really shouldn't. Often, credit reports have errors. We'll help you clean your credit. Even if we can't give you Fannie Mae rates, you may qualify for our "Alt A" programs which are just slightly higher than Fannie Mae rates. We'll make sure that you don't get a higher rate than you should.

We understand and we care!
Some lenders treat you like a number. Others simply don't care. And there are those where you had better check to see if your gold tooth is still there when they get done. AMC isn't like that. You'll know your rate, closing costs and loan terms right at application. Some of our borrowers say we're like George Bailey of "It's A Wonderful Life." That may be a bit extreme but we really do care about you and look to improve your situation and rate until your credit can be fully restored. One day, you may be debt free! Click here to find out how!

We are a direct lender!
While AMC sells a lot of its loans, we also keep a large portion of our loans that need special attention. That makes the decision process easy to access and there are no scalpers in between.

Our programs give you the most money!
We give up to 100% of the value of your home, even with lower credit scores. We will give you credit for a good mortgage history even when the rest of your credit has serious blemishes. We give high loan-to-values even when you can't prove income!