Home Equity Loans (2nd Mortgages)
There are different kinds of Equity Loans.
The two major types of Home Equity Loans are the Line of Credit and the Fixed-Rate, Fixed-Amount Loan. With the Line of Credit you can set aside the equity in your home and only pay as you use the money. When you pay down your loan you lower the payment and can always draw more when you need it. It's like a charge card on your house. Fixed-rate Equity Loans are the choice when you need a certain amount of money and want the lowest rate. Unlike Equity Lines where the interest rate can change, you never have to worry about rates increasing!

No Application Fees!
You don't need a penny to apply for an equity loan at AMC! Our lines of credit have no closing costs. Our fixed-rate equity loans have low closing costs that can all be financed.

AMC gives you more loan!
At AMC, we give you more than the equity you have in your home. We give up to 125% of the value of your home! Even if your credit isn't perfect, you can get a high loan-to-value loan. Even our lines of credit go way past the 80% to 90% of value limits at banks.

AMC gives longer payment terms!
Many so-called "low rate" equity loans have a 5-year term. We have those too but we also give fixed-rate equity loans all the way out to a 30-year amortization! That gives you a low payment that is easy to handle.

AMC has No Income Verification Equity Loans!
Many people really need a Home Equity Loan but can't prove their income. At AMC, we can cut a lot of the red tape that causes you to get bogged down at other lenders. You'll have credit approval in minutes, not weeks. Remember, we never require perfect credit, even when our rates are the lowest available!