AMC Does the FHA and VA loans that other lenders turn down!
Most FHA and VA lenders simply put your loan into an automated underwriting system that doesn't give you credit for mistakes on your credit report and other important factors about your loan. AMC will consider your circumstances and approve your FHA or VA loan if we can! We understand and we care!

AMC gives up to 125% of the value of your home!
We have the answer to high credit card debt. You can wipe out those high payments with a much lower home equity loan. For loans up to $35,000 there's no appraisal. Even folks with fair to poor credit can get up to 100% of the value of their home.

Check out our fantastic 3-year ARM!
Our 3-year adjustable gives you a guaranteed low fixed rate for the first 3 years of your mortgage. It's usually up to 1/2 to 1% lower in rate than a comparable fixed-rate. The price is good for jumbo loans too. Compare AMC's pricing. It's Hot!

Alt "A" is hottest new program!
When Fannie Mae says No, we say Yes with our Alt "A" program. For just a little bit higher than Fannie Mae rates, you can get our new Alt "A" program. Lots of folks just miss Fannie Mae but are paying much higher than Fannie Mae rates. Ask about AMC's Alt "A" program. It may be just right for you!