AMC has over 6,000 Loan Programs!
AMC gives you the best of all worlds at a better price! We are a mortgage broker, a mortgage lender and a mortgage banker. What does that mean to you? Everything. As a mortgage broker, we offer every loan program available to mortgage brokers. However, mortgage brokers usually pay a slightly higher price for loan programs such as FNMA, FHA and VA. AMC acts as both broker and lender for those loans so you deal only with AMC not a broker plus a lender. AMC is also a portfolio lender with special programs that no one else offers! No one gives you the choices you'll get at AMC!

AMC gives up to 125% of the value of your home!
We have the answer to high credit card debt. You can wipe out those high payments with a much lower home equity loan. For loans up to $35,000 there's no appraisal. Even folks with fair to poor credit can get up to 100% of the value of their home.

Check out our fantastic ARMs!
AMC offers every conceivable type of ARM. Some folks like the very very lowest payment possible over the first several years. They want a COFI or MTA ARM. Other borrowers want a long fixed rate at the beginning in exchange for adjustability later on. AMC offers ARMs with an initial fixed rate for up to 10 years! ARMs are nearly always the choice for jumbo loan borrowers because of the large rate differnce.

AMC has lots of programs for bruised credit!
When Fannie Mae says No, we say Yes with our Alt "A" program. For just a little bit higher than Fannie Mae rates, you can get our new Alt "A" program. Lots of folks just miss Fannie Mae but are paying much higher than Fannie Mae rates. Ask about AMC's Alt "A" program. We have other programs even if you just got out of bankruptcy!