We do Mobile, Modular & Sectional Homes!

Mobile Homes Are No Problem At AMC!
Most mortgage companies say No to mobile homes loans. At AMC, we say Yes! Even when other lenders do mobile Homes, they often limit the amount you can borrow. At AMC, we loan up to 100% of the value on double-wides! Even on single-wides, we give higher loan-to-values, depending on condition.

AMC Does VA Mobile Home Loans!
If you are VA qualified, you can borrow up to 100% of the value of the mobile home and land you want to purchase at low VA rates! The seller can pay all of the closing costs requiring no cash from you!

AMC Does Mobile Home Construction Loans!
AMC may be the only lender in Maryland that does mobile home construction loans. We make it easy! If you have good credit and income, you don't even need a downpayment or equity! If you own the land, that's all you need to do the transaction, even with weak credit or income!