When they say No, We say YES!

No one does tough loans better than AMC! We pioneered no income verification loans. Time after time we have done no income loans that other lenders have turned down. We're experts and it makes a big difference!

You'll still get a great rate!
Just because you are not proving income doesn't mean you shouldn't get a good rate. If you have good credit scores, you may get the same rate as the person proving income. The way your loan is processed makes a big difference. AMC has the experience and credentials to avoid making the mistakes many other lenders make that can turn your no income verification loan into a nightmare.

AMC gives more loan!
At AMC, we give you as much credit as we can. That's why we offer no income verification programs all the way up to 100% of the value of your home!

You don't have to have perfect credit!
It may seem hard to believe but you can still not get a no income verification loan with really rough credit. For really tough cases we use just the deposits into your bank account as proof of income. We're creative; we want to make loans and we do!

Be Careful!
Not all no income verification loans are truly "no income" verification. Ask if you need to sign an IRS Form 4506. That means they intend to check your tax returns and may call your mortgage due!