Why Rent When You Can Own?
AMC will make you a proud homeowner even with NO money down! Why rent when you can own for what you are paying in rent? Tell your landlord and his rent hikes goodbye forever. It's easy at AMC!

You don't need perfect credit!
No one does tough loans better than AMC! Even though your credit may be less than perfect, you may still qualify for this program. We'll give you an answer in 10 minutes! It really is easy!

We're flexible with income!
Even if you don't make a lot of money, you probably still qualify. If you are paying your rent, we believe you can qualify for a mortgage.

You may not have to prove income!
That seems hard to believe with no money down but if you basically pay your bills on time, proof of income may not be required. That's great news for self-employed people or people with part-time income they can't prove!

No experience necessary!
We'll help you through the whole process, including the purchase. We love to answer questions. We'll say it again; At AMC, we make it easy!