AMC Loves Residential Rental Properties!

Forget Commercial Rates and Balloons!
Don't pay commercial rates for residential rental properties. AMC gives low-interest fixed-rate 30-year mortgages on residential rental properties. Our rental property rates are only 1/2% higher in rate than regular 30-year fixed-rate homeowner loans! Appraisals are far less expensive than for commercial properties.

We Give Higher Loan To Values!
You can get up to 95% of the value of the property you are purchasing without PMI inurance! We give cash-out to property owners at higher loan to values too!

We Understand Credit Smears and Unprovable Income!
Some lenders treat you like a number. Others simply don't care. At AMC, we often lend on good properties even if the owner(s) aren't A+. If it makes sense, we'll probably do it!

AMC Does Apartment Complexes Too!
We have super programs for apartments buildings. We offer the very lowest rates available for prime properties and very reasonable rates for subprime apartment buildings. We have liberal seasoning requirements. You don't have to be the perfect borrower either. We look primarily at the property and what rent it generates. AMC wants to do your deal!