Our rates are great!
We offer the very lowest rate/point combinations available. We guarantee it!

AMC is a Direct Lender and a Super Broker!
We give you the best of all worlds! We sell our loans directly to America's largest banks and investors. Most brokers have to go through another lender which drives up rates and red tape. If your loan doesn't fit FNMA guidelines, we may decide to put the mortgage in our portfolio. We do it all... from the borrower who needs the lowest rate to folks who have been turned down everywhere else.

Our service is unmatched!
We're small enough to know you personally, big enough to handle any loan. You will work with top pros in the mortgage business. You can call your processor and never get voice mail or talk directly to our General Manager, John Councilman, a nationally recognized mortgage professional. He is the only person in the state of Maryland to hold both the CRMS and CMC designations awarded by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. If he can't answer your mortgage question, there may not be an answer.

Our peers think we're the best!
John Councilman, our General Manager was honored with the very first Mortgage Broker of Year award.

We have every type of loan product!
Most mortgage companies and banks offer coventional loans. At AMC, we scour the United States for the best programs from every lender. Then we develop our own programs so no borrower deserving a loan will be left out. From Fannie Mae programs to FHA, VA, exotic ARMS and Tough Credit, AMC does it all and does it better! We have Correspondent relationships with America's 10 largest banks, the 10 largest mortgage companies plus we offer our own unique loan programs that no one else offers. We have a saying, "If it makes sense, we'll do it!"

We care and we're honest!
We operate at the highest ethical standards. In a day when mortgage fraud and misrepresentation are at all-time highs, it's good to find a company with a flawless record with its regulators and consumers. You'll know your rate, closing costs and loan terms right at application. We invented computerized mortgage disclosures for the PC so everyone could know all all about the terms of their loan right at application.