AMC Has Small Commercial Loans Too!
Many commercial lenders want loans over a million dollars to give you a good rate. Not AMC! We love big loans but we also love loans between $50,000 and $500,000. We give highly competitive rates and high loan to values. AMC works around seasoning problems and roadblocks other lenders throw in your way.

AMC Does Difficult Properties!
We have super programs for apartments, office buildings and retail but we will also do tough properties like restaurants without taking you to the cleaners. Our debt service coverage ratios are more liberal. The property doesn't have to be A+ either. AMC wants to do your deal!

We Understand Credit Smears and Unprovable Income!
Some lenders treat you like a number. Others simply don't care. At AMC, we often lend on good properties even if the owner(s) aren't A+. If it makes sense, we'll probably do it!

We'll Tailor Our Loan To You!
Some folks want a loan with no balloon payment or call provision. Others want the longest fixed period they can get. Still others want the longest possible amortization. We'll do our best to meet your needs!